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Brenda Barnes, President KUSC Los Angeles. "John's vast radio experience and his time at Microsoft combine to make him exactly what everyone in radio needs right now--a transformational thinker and doer. John values the assets of radio and can help any radio organization improve its performance. Of equal importance, John understands new media and how to bring the value of radio together with the opportunity of new media."

Dennis Hamilton, Director of Consulting, Public Radio Capital. "John gets it. He understands radio. From the fundamentals to the intricacies of program/audience dynamics, John can explain, analyze, and teach. He's always focused on creating powerful outcomes though integrating and aligning all the content and operational pieces to creating an efficient and effective organization. Most importantly, he does it because he believes in public media and the power in serving audiences well."

Kurt Rongey, Operations/Program Director WRR Dallas. "John's presentations helped our staff to make some valuable connections between listener desires and announcer delivery. He has a great, real-world approach to programming that encourages on-air personalities to bring out the best within themselves."

Bob Rivers from the Bob Rivers Show, mornings on KZOK, Seattle. "Even if you are a seasoned Pro and think you've heard (or said) it all before, John presents the fundamentals in ways you've never thought about before. One of his most effective tactics is to tell great stories about successful people unrelated to radio, and then relate an opportunity to improve your performance."

John Schoenberger, Triple-A Editor, Radio & Records. "Unlike your usual PowerPoint talking-head presentation, John Silliman Dodge's workshops are entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking. When he's done, the audience wants more!"

Bruce Warren, Assistant GM for Programming, WXPN Philadelphia. "John's presentation was engaging, thought provoking and created incredible positive energy. One broad, wide stroke of effectiveness connecting the dots between strategic thinking and visioning and operational day-to-day stuff that is often challenging to connect. His rapport with the staff was terrific and he worked with me to customize the issues specific to our current position and future growth. Above all, his presentation was empowering to the staff at all levels."

John Lawson, President and CEO of the Association of Public Television Stations. "We put a high premium on the ability of each of our staff members to make effective presentations and John's workshop was a very productive investment in developing those skills. The training was both creative and very practical, and I'm already putting some of his ideas to good use. I recommend his workshop to anyone."

Joel Oxley, General Manager, WGMS/WTOP, Washington, DC. "Our group is made up of veterans and they were impressed. A very professional and polished presentation, great reminders, and good new things to think about as well. Everybody looked at it as a real positive. John is highly recommended."

Dan Reed, Program Director, WFPK, Louisville. "John's presentation was fun and thought-provoking, and given in the spirit of improving performance every time you key the mic... his solutions to on-air performance problems made sense AND are easy to recall...and he totally kicked ***!!!"

Larry Patrick, President, Broadcast Education Association, and CEO, Patrick Communications. "The Silliman Dodge workshop goes straight to the heart of communication focusing on content and presentation. It's not about the medium but about the message and how to deliver it with impact. This is one of the best investments possible."

Peter Newman, Former Program Director, KING-FM, Seattle. "John looks at communications in broad strokes. His media savvy and critical approach generates lots of new thinking. John is great at testing assumptions and knowing how to re-think the old and make it new."

Dr. Karen Riggs, Director, School of Telecommunications, Ohio University. "Our curriculum is not talent-driven. Inevitably some of our graduates leave here and want a job on-air, for example, alumni Matt Lauer at NBC and Leon Harris at CNN. Maybe there is a future Matt or Leon here today, and John is paving the way for them."

John Castle, PhD., University of Washington School of Business. "In only 90 minutes John showed my classes on Entrepreneurship the difference between having a great idea and making a successful, deal-closing presentation to venture capitalists. He's highly worthwhile."

Randy Wynne, Program Director of WMNF, Tampa. "Your presentation is creative and ambitious and entertaining and filled with useful information."

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