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What is the program we put people through to prepare them to perform on the radio? That’s the question I asked college radio general managers, program directors and faculty advisors at stations all over the US. The answer was nearly unanimous: There is no program. We show people where the CD’s are, we show them the board, we tell them what NOT to say and pretty much let it go at that.

This lack of training is not confined to college radio. Commercial air talent is expected to know the craft before they walk through the door. But where and how are these highly-specialized communication skills learned? Mostly by imitation, it seems. And when we imitate, we create inferior copies of the original. Then once we start copying the copies, it’s down the spiral we go.

It’s time for a completely different approach. Time to train creative radio performers the same way we train artists and actors and musicians. When you view the announcer as a performing customer service representative, it’s easy to see how improved performance can lead directly to increased ratings and revenue.

In my Inside the Announcer’s Studio workshops, I break down the art/science/craft of announcing into its component pieces: audience awareness and focus, creative thinking and writing, theater and performance techniques, interpersonal communication fundamentals, the mechanics of speech and the nature of the medium. I developed the PREP System, a four-step procedure for making professional presentations that is as perfectible and repeatable as a good tennis swing or great guitar chord.

The Inside the Announcer’s Studio workshop comes with valuable printed materials presented live in a stimulating, interactive, multimedia-enhanced workshop format at your station. See the Quotable Quotes page for what people say about this experience. It will change the way you work.

Please contact me to learn more and to schedule a workshop.

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